What I Did

I designed the user interface for the app as well as the mock up for the microsite that will give the app its online presence. To aim for a user centered design, the website and the app provides tutorials and guides on how to use the app. The app's navigation architecture had to be incredibly straight forward so that impaired users can still navigate around the app.

The Microsite for Taxi Touch where information about the app and what it can do for you is here.

Understanding The Problem

We've analyzed the experience of a typical user for a taxi. They would hail a cab via phone call and wait for the cab driver to come and pick them up or hail one of the available cabs in the area (airports). Most people will not know who they their cab driver is and the price is always left a mystery till the end of destination.

Logo for the Taxi Touch App

Understanding Our Targeted Audience

We found that users who would most benefit from our app are those who frequently like to visit social venues to drink and meet with people. That is why we provided ways for users to find popular places to drink and socialize as well as provide redeemable rewards relating to their lifestyle. This is to encourage them to use our app over our competitors.

Why Use This App?

Our main focus with Taxi Touch is to provide alternative methods for drunk/impaired users to get home safely in the hopes that the long term effects reduces the number of accidents related to impaired driving. Our aim was to develop good habits for getting home safely. One of our features suggests hot spots to socialize and drink as a way to help encourage users to use the app. Our justification for providing these features will allow users to build their trust that Taxi Touch is there to help you have a good time and be safe while saving others.