What I Did

To enhance the message of the video and its overall feel, I created visual bumpers as well as original lower thirds. By keeping into consideration all the possible outcomes, I made sure the lower thirds stayed within the safe zone as well as made sure viewers had enough time to read what was being displayed onscreen. The music played a huge role in how I designed the bumpers as it was pre-determined ahead of time. Matching the style of the music was something I made sure I got right.

Screenshot of footage of the live event itself via twitch.tv.

Not So Undercover Boss

The city wanted to create a parody of the popular show Undercover Boss. By analyzing the footage that was given to us, it proved to be a challenge to achieve the fast pace and drama oriented reality show. This is where me and my team decided to take the initiative to set a different tone and feel for the video we felt could create a more 'feel good' video that will highlight the appreciaton for public workers.

Screenshot of footage of the live event itself via twitch.tv.

Matching the City's Identity

In contrast to the very urban and very fast pace environment of Undercover Boss, the city of Port Coquitlam is a slower pace community so our video had to match the city's atmosphere in order to make it look like this video is from the City of Port Coquitlam.

Thumbnail of the actual poster design for AGDQ 2014.

Collaborating with Others

Each one of us are passionate in what we specialize in. Even though we are experts in drastically different things, we had one goal and that was to surpass our client's expectations. the client got really into the project once we were able to show them our first draft of the video. The excitement and energy we brought during all the meetings with the client really made this project a blast to work on.


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