What I Did

To promote their latest event, I created a poster to advertise the event to hopefully raise awareness in my local community. The poster is designed in the theme of gaming but generalized enough that even non-gamers will be able to read and understand the content of my poster.

The Motivation

Being an avid gamer myself, I find it inspirational that theres a large group of gamers like myself coming together to do such an important cause. Gamers have been given a bad reputation for the addictiveness of games and the stereotypes that what they do is a waste of time. However, these people are able to show people that what we do for fun can be done for a good cause and shows viewers how strong of community we are.

Screenshot of footage of the live event itself via twitch.tv.

Targeted Audience

My main targeted audience were gamers who are not aware of the event. Gamers are of all ages and from all around the world, so my design would have to be globally recognizable. My secondary targeted audience are people who just want to contribute to an important cause as cancer prevention and would like to donate to this cause.

Choosing a Theme

I kept into consideration that the game I chose would have to be popular but also reach the widest range of gamers possible. The look had to also be general enough so that it can catch a non-gamer's attention. I eventually came to a decision to use the "Portal" franchise as my theme. Reasons why I did not choose my other theme which heavily revolved around Nintendo characters, is because the cartoony look of the poster might throw some viewers off as a typical gaming poster. For non-gamers, this can become even more especially true.

The Approach

How I approached using Portal as my theme was to take it's simple portal concept and build around it, rather than the characters of the actual game. The concepts of portals is a very generalized subject and can be understood by a large number of people.


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