Formal portrait picture of Kevin Quach.

My Hello World is Tacos

I'm a hands-on person who loves to create meaningful messages on the web through the use of digital media. As a Web Developer, I believe that good user experiences will build long term connections and trust with your users.

By constantly exercising my large array of skills, it challenges my way of thinking and work habits that gives me the ability needed to adapt quickly and be flexible to the constantly evolving web.

Getting into the Web Industry

What got me into digital media is that some of the closest people I know, I’ve met through the web. Maintaining these relationships through the web has really opened my mind to how powerful the web can be in connecting with people.

Communication through the web has came a long way and I really want to utilize the available tools to help others create their own voice and connections and continue to learn what the web has to offer and where it’s heading.

More about Me

As a young kid, I was given my first RPG at the age of 7. Because I didn't have much options in terms of what games to play, I had to figure things out the hard way and slowly make progress through brute force and repetition. It really developed my problem solving skills (and patience) and that eventually grew to become one of my best strengths. It's a great feeling to find the right path to a solution after hours of trial and error. I believe theres a solution to any problem with the right attitude and perspective and obstacles are the learning steps to finding that path--very cliche, but it's what I grew to love doing.